With the tympanometry measuring instrument you can carry out a fully automatic impedance measuring within seconds. All functions as well as curves and data are visualised on the monitor. The compliance measuring only takes two seconds and is therefore perfectly suitable for children and restless patients.
The results are objective and consequently independent from the patients participation. The simple handling allows for the examination to be carried out on the spot and to be integrated comfortably into the general course of the examination. The pre-programmed course of the measurement requires no further adjusting or interfering. To carry out the examination, the probe is held closely to the outer auditory meatus. A two-colour LED at the handle indicates the correct position of the probe and measuring commences automatically.
The stapedius reflex can be triggered either ipsi- or contralaterally. Middle ear pressure is adjusted automatically in the outer auditory meatus. The integrated printer is extremely silent and swift.


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