Pentaled N-Series

Controlo preciso e imediato,

da lumionsidade do campo operatorio


Rimsa Pentaled63N
White light
Nature has always inspired man’s every discovery! The sun is the light source par excellence and its rays emit monochromatic light, i.e. identical colour. Using this as a starting point, RIMSA has designed lamps that use only “white light” LEDs to avoid the risk of surgeons perceiving variations in the colour temperature (°K) within the operating field and to prevent unnecessary coloured shadows.
Indirect light
The use of indirect light makes for:
  • 3D illumination of the operating field
  • no shadows
  • no risk of dazzling
Manual focus
The manual focalization inside the sterile area grants a precise and immediate control of the light field. The Focus function is activated by the surgeon rotating the sterile central handle. The possibility of adjusting the focalization every time the lamp is moved, allows to optimize the light flux and adapt the light field diameter according to the different surgeries.
Cold light
Any increase in thermal irradiation in the operating field is proportional to the number and power of the LEDs used. RIMSA uses a reduced number of LEDs thanks to the concept of Indirect Light.


5000°K – 4500°K
By simply pressing the digital key K on the membrane keyboard, the surgeon can choose between two different white light temperatures – 5000°K and 4500°K – without altering the light intensity.
The light source is protected by “E-Glass”, a light diffusing screen made from clear tempered glass and coated with a special high strength film to avoid shards falling into the operating field in the unlikely event that it shatters. The glass is non static, scratchproof and does not yellow with age, unlike conventional polycarbonate screens.


The EndoLed function provides comfortable lighting during endoscopic surgery. When enabled, this function lights up a single module whose light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted at will.
Laminar flow
The domed shape and, most especially, the ultra-low surface heat of the aluminium housing guarantee free flowing air without obstacles or any disturbance of the laminar flow. In fact, very hot surfaces lead to convection which transforms streamline

air flow into turbulence causing drag.



Mechanical testing and safety
Aluminium structure made to an exclusive RIMSA design. The vertical multi-movement arm has been subjected to mechanical testing involving 40,000 continuous movements to guarantee the surgeon total safety during use. The absence of any holes and apertures means the lamp is safe, hygienic and easy to clean.

Pentaled N-Series

Pentaled 63N


pentaled 63N
has 72 elliptical reflectors split into 8 modules, each containing 9 LEDs. The modules are mechanically focused rotating the sterilizable handle. The multiplicity of the luminous sources and the elliptical geometry of the parabolas studied to reflect
in the depth the light beams generated by the Leds, grant scialytic light for a threedimensional illumination without shadows.


PENTALED63N does not dazzle: thanks to the principle of indirect light, the lamp oriented towards different positions does not dazzle the surgeon and the assistants.
The size of the lit field is adjusted mechanically through handle according to the kind of light required by the surgical speciality. The adjustment of the light field is one of the primary requirements for a surgery lamp. Obviously the handle can be sterilized. The reduced dimensions and the light reflector give extremely manoeuvrability and stability.


The controls on the membrane keyboard activate the following functions:
• selection of the colour temperature 5000°K and 4500°K
• adjustment of the light intensity up to 160 Klx
• on/off
• Endoled light with color selection (comfortable light for endoscopy intervention)
The colour temperature of 5000°K, similar to sunlight at Zenith, stimulates the surgeon’s concentration, does not strain their sight, reproduces the colour of
the tissues faithfully and increases the definition of the edges.
The modular construction of the electronic board that feeds the LEDs guarantees
continuous light, even in the unlikely event that a LED or board component should
fail. The lighting body is protected by tempered glass screen, covered by a special
film that avoid any fallen down of splinters in case of break.
Smooth 360° rotation with slip-ring contacts for power transmission.


PENTALED63N boast an aluminium tubing structure which facilitates installation and permits easier manoeuvrability. The extremely lightness of the structure, the bar
in aluminium treated and attached to the upper front of the cupola, the ultra-thin
dome (only 13 cm) allow simplicity in movements. Every lamp can be equipped with an emergency battery set. The autonomous duration of the battery is elevated.