• Incubadora Cuidados Intensivos

SI 610

Incubadora de Cuidados Intensivos


Controlo Infecção
Baby Comfort SI – 610 is the best choice for intensive care. Intelligent design and a unique combination of incubator functions help to fulfill the highest demands for care of prematurely born infants. Baby Comfort SI – 610 provides a protected and comfortable environment and enables the staff to be always one step ahead of the needs of the small patients, thanks to the integrated monitoring of vital functions..



Monitoring of vital functions
The precise and permanent monitoring of vital functions SpO2 including pulse (Nellcor Oxymax System), NIBP, and RR guarantees perfect and anticipated medical care. The integrated monitoring system with adjustable alarm limits continuously records the measured values.
Displaying trends
A microprocessor device protects the optimum microclimatic environment inside the incubators as well as the child’s condition. A colour display with LED illumination displays, in addition to the adjusted and measured values of air and body temperatures, the relative humidity and oxygen concentration and a time record of their trends. The unique system enables comparison of more parameters over time.

Monitoring weight increments
Integrated high precision scales measure and record weight increments of the child in a table and graph.
Patient card
Intelligent software enables easy maintenance of the patient card direct in the incubator and immediate printing.

Access and positioning
External electronic controls enable easy positioning of a patient to Trendelenburg and anti‑Trendelenburg positions up to 12° from outside the internal space.
Synergy and compatibility
A system of integrated electric sockets enables the connection of further devices at the workplace.


We protect our future
Care of the youngest and most vulnerable patients is our priority in TSE. Protection and support of newborn babies has been our goal since 1992. Physicians and healthcare staff prefer our products for their reliability, technical advancement and user synergy. Thanks to thorough study of infants’ needs and their care in everyday practice, we are able to meet our resolutions, minimize stress, provide absolute comfort to small patients and provide their attendants with a perfectly functional and safe work environment.


Easy care ▪ 1
The practical sliding bed may be turned by 45°at the head side, which facilitates the application of numerous examination and treatment procedures. A holder of hoses for ventilation, exhaustion and food supply, located neatly inside the incubator on a 360° revolving head, makes patient care easier. Care is further facilitated by the oval portholes, which open simply and silently, and the tilting door.


Environment stability and soundproofing ▪ 2
Thermal and acoustic comfort is the basic feature of infant incubators, and the SI line incubators have brought it to perfection. They have a thicker Plexiglas cover that improves thermal insulation and eliminates undesirable stressful influences from the outside. Additional functions of the incubator, like a sliding x‑ray panel, are designed to not inhibit the small patient. The inside space of the incubator does not have to be opened when an x‑ray cassette is loaded. An air curtain is automatically activated when the incubator door is opened so the stability of the inside environment is ensured.


Alarm announcements ▪ 3
As we care about the safety of small patients we have developed a sophisticated alarm announcement system. Three‑stage light signalling exactly reflects the patient’s condition: Stage 1: caution, stage 2: warning, stage 3: crisis.


Cleaning and disinfection ▪ 4
The protective environment for newborn patients has to be kept absolutely clean. The unique system of SI line incubators enables the Plexiglas cabinet to be dismantled: the lid can be removed, the front and back doors tilt and the side walls slide out. The inside of the incubator is then perfectly accessible for comfortable cleaning and disinfection.